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Upek Eikon & Eikon To Go Fingerprint Readers

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Software & Functionality - OS X

Inserting the CD in the Macbook simply opens a Finder window with the Installer, an Uninstaller and some documentation.

There is nothing out of the ordinary during the initial installation process on Mac OS X. The only unusual part - for a Macintosh at least - is the fact that a restart is required after the installation is complete. This has to do with the security architecture, as it is available after a reboot.

Upon booting up, you have to - just like in Windows - enroll a fingerprint to the Eikon or Eikon To Go. To make sure that you are the owner of the current user account, you are required to enter the password before continuing. Then, you are offered to view a tutorial to help you use the fingerprint reader, followed by the option to unlock your keychain with Eikon upon swiping your finger.

The next step is once again quite similar to that of Windows users. You are required to select a finger and then swipe it three times to save the print in the reader. I do not know why Windows users are required to do so five times instead, but it may be due to a difference in frameworks used for the operating systems. You will then see the finger which the print has been assigned to. After this is done, you may use the software in combination with the Eikon or Eikon To Go fingerprint readers.

The application to control and use the Eikon fingerprint readers is not as extensive in Mac OS X as it is in Windows. Upek is working with 1Password to bring more functionality to the plattform. Currently you are only able to use the fingerprint reader for user credential related actions. There is no File Safe, Application Launcher or File/Folder encryption.
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