VTX3D HD 7870 Black Edition 2 GB 36

VTX3D HD 7870 Black Edition 2 GB

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Idle temperatures are excellent and so is fan noise. No complaints here.

Temperatures under load are higher because of the increased heat output of the Tahiti GPU, but they are still perfectly safe with overclocking taken into account, which increases temperatures more than on most other cards.

Clock Profiles

Modern graphics cards have several clock profiles that are selected to balance power draw and performance requirements.

The following table lists the clock settings for important performance scenarios, and the GPU voltage that we measured. We performed the measurement on the pins of a coil or a capacitor near the GPU voltage regulator.

GPU Voltage
Desktop300 MHz150 MHz0.96 V
Multi-Monitor501 MHz1500 MHz0.96 V
Blu-ray Playback925 MHz1500 MHz1.20 V
3D Load975 MHz1500 MHz1.29 V

CCC Overdrive Limits
Core1425 MHz
Memory2000 MHz
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