Vantec NexStar 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 2

Vantec NexStar 3 SuperSpeed USB 3.0

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Vantec has done a great job with the packaging. While the front has an image of the NexStar 3 SuperSpeed and some bullet points about the enclosure's main features, you will find plenty of details on the back.

So far the above is nothing out of the ordinary from a design and marketing standpoint. But the inner box is bright blue and holds the vantec logo in the center. You will also find some promotional text which is only viewable if the light hits it at an angle - pretty fresh Vantec!

Vantec protects the enclosure itself by placing it in a plastic bag and securing it with foam spacers. A small box holds the power supply, while the USB 3.0 cable is loosely placed on top of everything. Even though the entire package was shipped across the US and then across the pond to Austria, all is well.


You will receive a black, plastic stand along with the afore mentioned USB 3.0 cable with the NexStar 3 SuperSpeed. The latter is fairly thick and roughly three feet in length. A simple manual along with the six required screws is also part of the entire package.

I am glad to see, that Vantec has chosen to include a compact power brick, which plugs straight into the socket with the NexStar 3 SuperSpeed. It is rated for 2A, which is more than the 1.5A which USB 3.0 can supply at full speed, thus it is a requirement.
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