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Vantec Nexstar Hard Drive Dock Review

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Packaging & Contents

Vantec ships the Nexstar Hard Drive Dock in a small black box with a lime-green and black slip cover over it. There is plenty of information about the product on all sides of the box to answer any questions a potential buyer may have before a purchase. Everything from system requirements and features to package contents and specifications are all printed to make the buying process more simple for the consumer. There is also a complete description of the product as well as pictures that showcase the ease of installation.

Opening the box reveals the front face of the dock surrounded by black cardboard padding to match the box itself. The dock fits snugly in between the padding and is well protected which is a good thing since the dock is constructed of plastic. Once removed we have access to a driver CD and a user manual. Notice how the dock is wrapped neatly in plastic wrapping to protect it from scratches and dust.

Also included in the bundle are a power brick, a SATA to eSATA bracket, and the USB and eSATA cables. The inclusion of the bracket is a welcome bonus since not all manufacturers include this wonderful accessory and not all motherboards have an eSATA port onboard. Great move on the part of Vantec. The power brick is more narrow in width than the dock itself and about a third of the height of the dock. It is not as bulky as some power bricks shipped with other enclosures though I still personally prefer the smaller wall-mount power supplies.
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