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Vantec Nexstar Hard Drive Dock Review

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A Closer Look

The dock is all white in color except for the black lettering which is subtle and certainly does not detract from the overall look of this product. The power button in the center is about the size of a U.S. quarter and is surrounded by a blue LED indicator that will light up when powered on. Beneath the power button is another blue LED that flashes according to drive activity. Located on the underside of the dock is a sticker with some specifications listed as well as product approvals. There are four rubber feet that keep the unit stationary and also can absorb some of the vibration that may occur during use. These rubber feet also conceal the only screws that hold everything together.

On the rear of the unit you will find the power, USB, and eSATA connections. They are properly labeled just in case you are a novice. All three connections are very snug with zero play so there are no worries about them becoming loose or falling apart.

As you can see the point of entry and installation is located on the top of the unit. There is an opening for 2.5" hard drives and the spring loaded door will go down when a 3.5" hard drive is installed. I am surprised that the 2.5" opening does not have a small door as well. This means that the connections inside will be exposed to dust and anything else that may fall in there when a hard drive is not installed. Inside of the slot you will also see a v-shaped rounded plastic nub. This is used to lift the hard drive out of the unit during removal.
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