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A Closer Look

The ezSHARE Adapter itself is quite simple. The main end for home computer features a green LED indicator light, Vantec logo and branding. On the other end of the wire is a standard USB plug for the remote computer. When measured out the cable comes in a just over 6 feet, plenty of length to go from one computer to another.


To install the Vantec ezSHARE Adapter, just plug it in. No other software to install or anything, just plug and play. The green light is lit indicating power and when files are being transferred the light blinks quickly.

Using the Vantec ezSHARE Adapter is extremely simple and couldn't be easier to install. Once the cable is installed to each computer, all one needs to do is "click here to start" on each computer. A well laid out and familiar looking browser will appear split into one section for the main computer and one section for the remote computer. The transferring of files can be done from either computer and it's as simple as selecting and dragging. The browser has the same look and feel of a classic Windows Explorer.

To get an idea of performance, a 900 MB .avi movie file was transfered from one computer to the other several times. Consistently the file took 40 seconds to complete transfer which equates to an average of 22.5 MB/s. Certainly not the highest speeds capable on USB 2.0 however, plenty fast for most of today's larger media files - and more than twice as fast as 100 MBit Ethernet
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