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Verbatim Store'n'Go Executive Metal 8 GB Review

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Verbatim ships all of their USB flash drives in a simple but colorful cardboard sandwich. It consists of two cardboard pieces which have been glued together, along with a plastic mold to hold the storage device itself. Since Verbatim has a very strong presence in the retail market, this packaging is ideal for store shelves. On the back you will find some basic marketing texts

A Closer Look

The Executive flash drive is rather bulky, maybe even too big for some tastes. On the other hand the device's metal body is of excellent quality and you will be hard pressed to actually destroy it. I jumped on it a few times (and I am no lightweight), without even scratching it. Due to the fact that the device is actually protected by two pieces of metal which form the body, odds are that this is its weakest link. I would not run over it with a car for example, as it may not survive such abuse.

Verbatim has chosen to shape the Store'n'Go Executive flash drive in a weird fashion. Such form is purely a design choice and, while it does look good, a leaner device may appeal to more people. On side holds the Verbatim logo, while the other reveals the siding mechanism for the USB connector.

In the end of the stick you will find a loop so that the Store'n'Go Executive can be placed on a key chain or ring for example. A little "8 GB" laser etching on the connector itself reveals the capacity of the drive.

Sliding the connector out is done by pressing down on the black slider, pushing it forward until it snaps into place. Retracting it is achieved by the same method.
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