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Verbatim Store'n'Go Netbook USB 16 GB Review

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Verbatim ships all of their USB flash drives in a simple but colorful cardboard sandwich. It consists of two cardboard pieces which have been glued together, along with a plastic mold to hold the storage device itself. Since Verbatim has a very strong presence in the retail market, this packaging is ideal for store shelves. On the back you will find some basic marketing texts

A Closer Look

To show you the size of the Netbook USB stick, I have placed it on a standard DVD-R. As you can see, it is tiny and comparable to those micro receivers of modern wireless mice or the tiny Bluetooth USB dongles out there. It is amazing to see 16 GB stuffed into this small shell.

Taking a closer look at the Netbook USB Drive, it basically consists of the USB plug and that is it. There are no serial numbers on this metal part, just the capacity has been edged into it. This thing is so tiny, one may loose it fairly quickly if not left connected to the netbook or PC.

You will find the Verbatim logo on the top part of the stick. The black plastic cover is alright in terms of quality. Looking straight at the connector, we can see where the electronics and flash IC has been placed. It is actually part of the USB connector, as you can clearly see the different layers when looking at it.

Once connected it is really small enough to be left on there. I just worry a bit about the not so sturdy plastic shell. Having such a little, unnatural extension on the side of the netbook may mean that you end up forgetting and bumping it against something. Only time would tell if the plastic can take the beating.
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