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Viako Mini Letter ML-55 E-350 Wifi Review

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In terms of marketing, Viako has done quite a good job. Their compact cases with the name "Mini Letter" ships in a brown cardboard box which looks like a letter. This is a simple but effective way to transport that image to the outside.

Since we have received their barebone kit and not the mere "power kit", the extras are packed separately on top of the actual unit.


You will receive a wireless antenna along with a limited set of screws, which are enough to install a hard drive within the system. Since the MI-E350 board from Gaida does not offer wireless functionality, Viako has gone ahead and added it, thus making the antenna a necessary accessory. You will also receive the normal, unaltered mainboard CD and manual. This is good, as you will always know what is within the chassis, simply by looking things up in the manual. Last, but not least, there is a simple frame, which is intended to hold your hard drive.

Viako also includes a 120W power supply, which is fairly compact for the given capacity. It is manufactured by "Li Chin International". I have never heard of the company, but the unit works and does not emit any electrical noises during use.
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