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A Closer Look - Outside

Taking a look at the ML-Style chassis, the case features straight lines and an understated look. As the enclosure is constructed completely of Aluminum it makes a really good impression and the quality can keep up with the best of them in the market.

Taking a closer look at the front, the only design flaw would be the round silver button. If Viako could at least use a black one with this color option, it would end up looking even better. There is a slimline & slot loading drive bay in the front as well. The eject button also allows the user to see the activity LED of such a drive once up and running. Turning the chassis around, it becomes apparent that the bottom area of the case is red. This color combination is actually quite sweet and should appeal to a lot of AMD Fusion users. While some may find the red aspects a bit out of place for a HTPC setting, considering that even LG is using it for their TVs, this choice should actually add a nice touch to things. Besides the opening for the mainboard backplate there are various holes, as Viako also offers this chassis as a complete system with all the extras installed. You will not end up using these under normal circumstances. Even though the ML-Style is quite compact you may install a low profile expansion card within the system as well.

One side holds a small 50 mm fan, which pushes air out of the side, through a cool designed air vent. Even though Viako has used black screws throughout the case, the ones holding this cooling unit in place are silver. I would have liked to see a proper choice here as well. On the other side there is a fairly simple but large vent to allow for fresh air to enter the chassis.

On the underside you will find an additional vent in the front and four well placed feet to give the entire ML-Style that HTPC look.
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