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VidaBox OpenSqueeze Network Players Review

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The Package

VidaBox ships the OpenSqueeze with what you need to get started right away. You get a small powersupply and can feed it through a normal USB plug.

The device is incredibly simple, and the bundle is limited to a cable and the charger because of it.

Closer Examination

The OpenSqueeze is a small device, which is great. You can easily fit it behind a normal stereo, which would keep it out of sight. There are some LED indicators for debugging the most basic problems, such as connectivity.

On the backside is a small hole through which you can see the status LED.

The outputs of the OpenSqueeze are few. You get a couple USB outputs which do not support any devices as of yet. This might change as the SqueezeLite community progresses with the OS.


The Logitech Media Server software works pretty well and is easy to set up. You only have register with Logitech and download the LMS package, which is a matter of clicking through the installer to register your device. It is pretty fast in terms of navigation, and it is easy to control multiple OpenSqueeze devices at once. The Android apps all perform as expected. We used the SqueezeBox app for testing and were satisfied with its speed and stability.
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