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Vizo Luxon Advanced 3.5 inch HDD enclosure Review

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A Closer Look

The Luxon Advanced case is made of two parts. The aluminum shell and the inner hard drive cage. The overall look is quite nice and the Luxon branding is quite modern and is an eye catcher. The stand fits firmly as well.

There is a large plastic inlay on top of the case, which is backed by a dual color blue/red LED. When powered on, the entire line lights up blue, if the hard drive is accessed, it turns red. The bottom of the case has a few vents. They may not be as useful, as there is very little space between case and the surface it is placed upon and there is no active airflow throughout the case.


The Vizo Luxon Advanced actually ships open, so you will not need to unscrew the small hex screws. The drive cage itself is made of plastic, but is quite sturdy. There is no bending or loose parts. The aluminum shell is sturdy enough that the inner part will fit nicely without any play. The PCB actually has VIZO printed on it. It has a single Texas Instrument controller chip and all the needed connectors. Vizo has decided to place all the needed parts in a separate bag, instead of pre-connecting everything.

Installing the hard drive is straight forward. Depending on the type of drive used, the right cables are used and the drive is then secured by four screws on the bottom. Vizo included 12 screws in total, even though only 8 are needed (4 for the hard drive, 4 to secure the hard drive cage in the enclosure).
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