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Vizo Mirrorbox Card Reader Review

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I would like to thank Vizo for providing the review sample.


Vizo ships the unit in a clear plastic mold. The front compartement holds the black device itself. The rear has a little covered area in which you will find the extra contents. It also lists all the supported card types.

The company advertises the card reader as an "All in 1" Reader, meaning that it should read all formats available on the market. It may be a bit confusing to see such a long list of formats on the back, but Vizo has listed every brand of card aside from the overall format. It would have been better to stick with the basic formats like SD or Compact Flash I/II, instead of going for the seperate brands like "Extreme II/III" from Sandisk for example. And even though the card reader is supposed to read all formats, SDHC is absent from this list. We will try this type of card, just to check if it does work by any chance.


The contents of the package consist of a single USB 2.0 cable. It is of adequate length and good quality.
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