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Vizo Mirrorbox Card Reader Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the card reader itself, it does look quite similar to a few other ones out there. Considering that Vizo is not a PCB manufacturer, it is OK to see a normal design taken and altered to fit the company's standards. The top of the card reader shows the logo and the product name. Vizo calls it "Mirrorbox CR", certainly a catchy name. The underside is completely clean and does not have any openings. As you can see the smooth surface is a real fingerprint magnet. This is the downside of having a modern black look with smooth plastic as a material.

A LED for power and access can be found on the top left corner of the Mirrorbox. It is fairly large and clearly visible. This sets the card reader apart from similar shaped offerings, which tend to have the LED in a different location.

The front of the unit has the slots for the various cards. There are four of these, some of which can hold multiple formats. Each slot is intended for one major card type: Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick and SD/MMC cards. A small mini-USB port can be found in the rear of the Mirrorbox. This means that the card reader is bus powered, which is sufficient for this type of the device.
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