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Vizo Saturno One Touch Backup Enclosure

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Packaging & Contents

The Vizo Saturno ships in a compact full color box. On the front you will find an image of the enclosure and a sticker, letting you know what color is inside the package. The rear lists all the specification and features, as well as a description of the Saturno.

One side of the box shows the different colors and also lists all the features of the enclosure once more. The other side lets you know what Vizo has stuffed inside the compact package.

The colorful outer box is very thin. The contents are protected by a plain white box hidden within the outer package. Inside the Saturno has been placed in a thin foam bag, to further protect it during transport.


There is a small quick start guide and a CD inside the package. The software is the same as the Vizo Uranus we have reviewed in the past. The Saturno is essentially a 2.5 inch version of the Uranus and thus ships with the same software. Two USB cables are included as well. The one to the left is used to power the device when connecting the eSATA interface to the system, while the one the to right is required for the USB 2.0 functionality. You will need to use two USB 2.0 connections in either scenario.

Vizo also includes an eSATA cable and an eSATA PCI bracket, so even if your board only has the traditional onboard SATA connectivity, you will be able to route one such connections out the back of your computer. Another bag holds a small screw driver and absolutely tiny screws. These do not measure more than three Milimeters in diameter. Vizo does include two additional screws in case you lose one or two during assembly.

Another nice addition is the high quality pouch. It holds the enclosure and a set of cables in the back. The front features a grey Vizo logo.
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