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Westone UM2 Earphones Review

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The Package

The Westone UM2 earphones ship in a very stylish black box.

On the back of the package you can read all about the specifications of the IEMs. Right next to the specifications you can find the usual warnings about listening levels and how listening at a high volume for an extended period of time can cause damage to your hearing. Since the UM2s are a fairly efficient pair of headphones you should make sure that your player’s volume is set to minimum the first time you try out the earphones, not doing so could result in both damage to your hearing and the drivers inside the headphones.

The box front pops open and allows you to inspect the in what condition the headphones are before opening the box. This can be neat if you bought them off the net and want to see if they were damaged during transport.

Westone has chosen to go with a dual driver solution for their high end universal headphones. In the works right now is the Westone 3 which as the name suggests is a triple driver solution. The number of drives inside the headphones is not alpha omega, but generally a dual or triple driver IEM has a fuller sound because they have one driver for bass and another one taking care of the mid and high tones. The Westone UM2 uses one driver for bass and one to produce the mid and high tones. Each of the monitors hold two drivers and a passive crossover filter. The drivers used are all balanced armatures.

In the box everything is fixed in place by a black room separator. With the UM2s you get a lot of extra accessories like a little cleaning tool and a semi hard carrying bag which is quite handy for storing the monitors in while you are on the move. Beside that you also get a spare small foam tip along with two pairs of long foam tips all made by Comply foam.
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