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Westone 4 In-ears Review

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The Package

The Westone 4 in-ears ship in a little cardboard box that allows you to inspect the earphones for damage without breaking any seals at all.

Westone supplies a brilliant bundle that both features a volume adjuster, a cleaning tool, and a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter.

The carrying pouch has undergone a massive makeover. The Westone 4 in-ears ship with this durable box shaped pouch. The new carrying pouch seems sturdier than the old one and is perhaps easier to pack as well because you can actually put stuff on top without breaking what is in it unlike the old soft pouch.

Closer Examination

Everything has been revised for the Westone 4 in-ears except the shell design. Inside the in-ears there are now four balanced armatures and a new three way cross over as well.

One ninja change featured on the Westone 4s is the new more durable cable. The Westone 3s had some issues regarding the cable coming undone. The new cable is tighter wound and seems more durable as well so I suspect that the unraveling issues are over. The y-split looks pretty much the same as that featured on the Westone 3s.

Another small noteworthy change for the Westone 4s is the introduction of a newly designed right angled mini-jack. This jack should be slim enough for use with an iPhone 4 with a case installed. Or other similar situations where there is little clearance.

Each of the earpieces has a small side indicator. The Westone 4s are however shaped so that it is pretty easy to spot which monitor goes where.

The strain relief system on the earpieces seems very well made and looks to be unchanged since the Westone 3s.

The new logo is slightly orange to the eyes but since it is so small you hardly notice it. Looks wise these in-ears are pretty neutral and since they do not stick out much while being worn you do not have to worry about looking geekish.
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