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Wicked Lasers 125 mW Fusion Review

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Surely everyone knows what a laser is and has seen a normal red laser pointer which is the size of a thumb. These you can buy almost anywhere and especially in markets. So what is it that makes the laser community so big and exciting? Well let’s see, these new laser pointers can burn, melt, and even light objects. However, it depends on how powerful your laser is, usually ~30mW+ would be enough to, say, pop a balloon.
With these new lasers you really cannot get bored of them. How about a 25 mile range? the ability to pop a balloon from several feet away? melting plastic? lighting matches and cutting electrical tape? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? The beam is actually visible in daylight and of course darkness which makes these gadgets even cooler. Some lasers are so bright, that you can buy separately sold goggles for them.

What we received:
  • Wicked Lasers Fusion 125mW
  • 532nm Green Sport Elite Goggles


  • Length: 143mm
  • Width: 124mm (widest)
  • Initial beam diameter: ~1.2mm
  • Divergence (test unit): ~1.0mRad
  • Output (test unit) over 60 seconds:
  • - Minimum: 116mW
  • - Maximum: 145mW
  • - Average: 131mW

Design: Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is fully self-contained meaning the power supply (batteries), lens and all electronics are contained within its case. The design of the case is very nice looking; it gives out a professional look. The casing is very well built and feels solid. It is a metal case with a solid flat black finish to it. As with most laser pointers of this design, it has a little clip for clipping onto your shirt pocket, for example. The infrared filter (very important) is directly behind the aperture hole to prevent dust and other foreign particles from entering and damaging the interior and sensitive components.
Unlike some other laser pointers cleaning should not be very difficult to do. The IR filter isn’t sunk in too deep, which means you can reach any dirty areas that need cleaning without having to open up the unit and void the warranty.
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