Wicked Lasers 125 mW Fusion 28

Wicked Lasers 125 mW Fusion

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A Closer Look

One thing to note on the new model is the solid construction. Specifically a couple things stand out. Firstly, the plastic insulator on the inside of the battery compartment. This will prevent any accidental short circuiting with the casing. Also, the robustness and quality of the case and battery compartment means no more terminal connectors becoming loose.

Finally everything fits together quite flawlessly, nothing seams to rattle or feel weak. Overall, the quality and build of the Fusion is excellent.

Performance compared to the old Black & Gold (CNI) case
In comparison, the new models have a much thicker beam, perhaps twice the width of the initial diameter. This allows a compromise so the laser can have better collimation.
Unfortunately, as a consequence of this, it means you can’t burn stuff as well as you could with the black and gold case. For example, I could not get this model to light a match (without an external lens), although it did smoke a lot. Fortunately, match lighting was its only weakness. The Fusion could pop balloons from quite a distance away and perform other tricks from further away as well.

Testing the Laser

Late at night we decided to test this baby, so we took this laser pointer out to an undisclosed location and targeted it directly in the sky. Amazing. We could actually see the lovely bright green beam in the air for as far as our eyes let us. Star pointing was made a lot easier, now that we didn't have to use our fingers to point. Remember, if you wish to star point, NEVER be tempted to point the laser at any aircraft. Yes, this laser can easily reach an aircraft - so don't.
Were we tempted to point this laser at aircraft? Hell yes. But we didn’t, instead we tested the laser on low lying clouds. Amazingly, we could actually see the laser hitting the cloud as a wide spread.

In our second test we test it to the limit. We went to a huge open field which, at its longest point, is about 4 miles long. Using a tripod, we kept the laser level and still and fired it across the field. We then got a friend to locate the laser dot. Using the wonders of Google Earth, we calculated that the laser dot had traveled 1.6 miles.
That's quite a distance, especially since it was not in complete darkness. Also, the dot was still quite small which means the beam had not diverged much.


There’s no doubt that you’ll need to carry a pack of AAA size batteries, we had to. Everyone knows when you’re having fun time flies, so it's always good to carry a pack of AAA size batteries with you just in case you run out while having fun or working with the laser pointer. Also note that this pointer works best with alkaline batteries, however it will still power on with other types such as mercury or lithium batteries.

Beam shots

Aside from its destructive uses, this laser is a sight to see out in the dark. A thick, bright green ‘rope’ reaches even further than the eye can see which makes it perfect for pointing out celestial objects. Compared to the old case which has a thinner beam, the new Fusion’s beam will be more visible to your eyes because of its thicker beam.
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