Winchip DDR2 667 MHz 16 GB Quad Kit 9

Winchip DDR2 667 MHz 16 GB Quad Kit Review

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A Closer Look

All four DIMMs look identical and use the same heatspreader found on other Winchip modules. The heatspreaders are held in place with clips as well as thermal tape. The application of the heatspreaders has probally been done by an automated machine, as they all line up perfectly. With four memory modules we can form some really neat shapes. Like a number sign (#) or a W for Winchip.

Taking a closer look at the heatspreaders, there is a holographic sticker on the left side. This way you can always be sure to receive a genuine Winchip product. The middle section is taken by the company logo. It is part of the heatspreader, so you will not have to worry about it falling off as the temperature rises. All the way to the right is a simple white sticker. It holds all the important information about the modules. Removing these will void your warranty, as the memory's serial numbers have also been printed on the stickers.

Winchip was so kind to supply us with an additional DIMM at CeBIT, which does not have any heatspreaders. As you can see there are ICs on each side of the PCB. This is no surprise, considering the capacity. Each IC has the Winchip logo edged into it, as well as some information about capacity and manufacturing week. These ICs are actually manufactured by Micron and then labeled with the information in the image above.
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