X-Spice Kira CS 530W Power Supply 7

X-Spice Kira CS 530W Power Supply

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The first you will notice when looking at the X-Spice Kira is its small form factor. It's only 12.5 cm long which makes it a great candidate for a media PC case where space is limited. To add some extra bling, several purple LEDs light up the fan while the unit is running.

On the sides you can see the various certifications of this PSU: NVIDIA SLI And 80 Plus.

Near the back you have the AC power connector and an on/off switch. An additional switch to select between 110V/220V input voltage is not required because the unit auto-senses the input voltage. Unfortunately all cables are fixed to the PSU, so you can not remove cables that are not required to keep the cable mess at a minimum.

The motherboard connector supports both 20 and 24 pin operation. You can align the two parts together for easy installation in small or crowded cases, but they do not clip together to form a more solid connector.

Depending on your motherboard you either need a 4-pin or 8-pin CPU power connector. X-Spice has chosen to split the connector so it will fit on all motherboards, no matter how limited the space.

The two PCI-Express x6 power cables are nothing special. What is special though is the included 6-pin to 8-pin adapter which lets you use this PSU with more demanding graphics cards without needing any additional adapter.
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