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Spire X2 6019B

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X2 is shipping the 6019B in a very sturdy, fully colored cardboard box. This is a nice sight to see as the first impression does add some weight to those who decide to put their trust into the new brand. There is an image of the chassis on both the larger sides. Its smaller sides list the features and specifications. When chatting with X2, I did mention that their naming system needs to be improved because the current name is not very appealing. I was told that the name is something that will change in the future.

Foam spacers hold the chassis in place, which means that the entire package can easily withstand a drop. A plastic bag has been used to protect the chassis from scratches and fingerprints.


You will get an excellent set of extras with the chassis. These include the mandatory screws, loads of zip ties, a large Spire X2 sticker, rubber lining to use as an anti-vibration measure, and several other cable management parts. Some may know Spire as being a functional brand that is not very gamer-oriented, though, but the sticker reveals where the roots of the X2 brand really lie. You will also get a mounting frame for a PSU with your purchase.
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