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XFX ProSeries 1250 W Review

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Contrary to the huge capacity of the PSU the dimensions of the packaging are limited, however it is quite heavy (about five kilos). On the face of the box there is an angled shot of the PSU's fan grill on dark background. In the top right corner there is the badge for the true Wattage guarantee while on the left side we find a reference to the most significant features and several badges including the one for Gold efficiency. On the rear side of the box we meet an interesting illustration of the unit's internals and a brief description about its key features. Also on the top side of the packaging there is a small analysis of each of the three key technologies that the XFX Pro 1250W utilizes. Let's take a brief look at each one:
  • The stated SolidLink technology simply means that the DC-DC converters are housed directly on the modular PCB instead on the main one, in order to minimize the distance voltages have to travel, thus greatly decreasing voltage drops and energy dissipation on wires and PCB traces. Also the lower sockets of the modular PCB, which are exclusively fed by +12V, are soldered directly to the main PCB so the use of wires to transfer power is eliminated.
  • The Easy Rail technology means that the PSU has a single +12V rail instead of multiple ones. In our opinion, this is not the best thing to do in such high power units, but lately there is a trend (again) for single rail units.
  • Last but not least there is Hybrid Fan control. On the back of the unit you will find a switch through which you can select between two fan operation modes, Hybrid and normal. In Hybrid mode the unit goes fanless at low ambient (<25°C) and low loads (up to 20% of max rated power); while the normal mode is what its name implies, the fan works at all times.


Once we remove the outer sleeving we find a carton packaging. Opening its flap we discover another, smaller, carton box which stores most of the modular cables. Underneath it resides the PSU wrapped in bubble wrap and in front of it there are some more modular wires. Apparently there was not enough space for all of them in the storage carton box. Along with the PSU and the modular cables we will get a user's manual, a set of thumbscrews for chassis mounting and two AC power cords (one UK and one EU style). Unfortunately we didn't find any Velcro or zip ties in the box. We would also like a storage pouch for the modular cables to be included since most likely a user won't use all of them.


If Transformers, instead of picking cars to transform, chose PSUs, then this would be the best candidate for them. The external design is unique and adds a high tech touch to the unit. The specially designed fan grill and the ventilation holes on both sides offer appearance points, at least to our eyes and taste. On the front we don't find the classic honeycomb design vent but one featuring squared holes. Also next to the AC receptacle resides a heavy duty On/Off switch which looks of high quality. On the two sides high quality decals are used while the power specifications label is installed on the bottom side. On the rear side there is the modular panel which features a great number of sockets. The switch for the selection of the Hybrid/Normal fan operation mode is located in the top left corner. As you can see there is a sticker which briefly explains each mode's operation. Overall the unit has a unique external design which we found very nice and the workmanship is really good.
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