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XFX ProSeries 1250 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The XFX ProSeries 1250W retails for $269.99
  • Delivered full power at 50°C
  • High efficiency over normal load range (20-100%)
  • Tight voltage regulation
  • Excellent ripple/noise suppression
  • Exclusive use of Japan made caps
  • Top notch workmanship
  • Fully modular cabling design
  • Lots of available connectors
  • External design
  • Noisy fan at full speed
  • 3.3V rail deviation at second Advanced Transient Response test
  • Cannot use two EPS and the eight PCIe connectors at the same time
In today's review I had the chance to test another excellent PSU made by Seasonic and sold under the XFX brand. Apparently XFX made a very wise move to trust all of their PSU products to Seasonic and the ProSeries 1250W is a solid proof of this. The PSU boasted high efficiency throughout 20-100% load range, excellent voltage regulation and bottom low ripple at +12V. If you also take into account its unique look, the fully modular design, the fanless operation at low loads and the quality components used along with the top notch workmanship then you are left with very little to ask for.
Nevertheless, since I am quite demanding, the things I would like to see improved are the noisy fan which at full load sounds like an airplane and also the addition of an extra socket in the modular PCB in order to have the ability to use two EPS connectors along with the cables that hold the eight PCIe. In a 1250W PSU all aforementioned connectors should be available at the same time.

Bottom line, if you want rough power along with ultra high efficiency, reliability, unique design/appearance and you don't mind the noisy fan (at high loads/ambient) then the XFX ProSeries 1250W is a very good choice for the money it costs. If you don't need such high capacity but want the highest possible efficiency then take a look at the XFX ProSeries 1000W which boasts Platinum efficiency and is based on the same platform as the top performing Seasonic SS-1000XP.
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