XSPC Neo Memory Water Block Review 13

XSPC Neo Memory Water Block Review

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Packaging and Accessories

XSPC's product packaging ranges from a subtle black and white to a more colorful, wrapped cardboard box or a plain cardboard with writing on it. While I would have preferred to see more uniformity here, it is a small thing to bicker about, and if the packaging does its job by protecting the product inside, that's all I really care about. Here, we have the latter with the Neo memory block and side plates coming in bare cardboard with the XSPC logo on front, and a sticker on the back tells us which product is inside, right next to a QC pass sticker, which is reassuring. No seals to see here, and there are two flaps on the side that help keep the contents inside in place.

We get a lot of accessories here, most of which are thermal pads (0.5 mm thick). Alongside those are two acrylic spacers that need to be used with low-profile memory, and XSPC also provides the necessary screws to help install everything, along with an L-shaped Allen key to use with the hex heads on these screws. Finally, given the acrylic top and additions to their new Neo product lineup, XSPC also includes RGB lighting with two separately addressable RGB LEDs and a respective controller.

We see here the same simple hands-on kit with the two LEDs plugging into a power/control unit that is in turn powered by a fully sized SATA connector on the PSU. You can change the static color and the breathing mode's speed and effect with three buttons on the controller. The LEDs are rectangular cuboids rather than round and should thus fit into similarly shaped holes on the block itself.

The memory block and side plates all come separately packaged in bubble wrap, with the block also having a silica gel packet in it. This helps further protect the components in case of any shipping or handling mishaps. Given this was such an early production sample, XSPC was not able to get the manual printed and included here, but an online copy can be found here.
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