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First, the alcohol cloth was unpacked. There is only a single one in the package, which cannot be resealed. The cloth itself is quite small, but should be sufficient for cleaning any mouse feet. It would have been great if two or three of these pads were included as there are Dotz for about three mice. The Mad Dotz were applied to a Logitech MX Revolution which was easily cleaned with the included cloth.

The alcohol diminished quickly, so you will not need to wait a long time until you may apply the Mad Dotz. As mentioned before, peeling the Dotz off the plastic sheet is quite difficult. Pulling them off actually deformed the edges slightly, which means that they will not hold as well on the mouse. Odds are that you will make some of the Mad Dotz unusable, if you are not really careful.

Due to the circular shape of the Mad Dotz, the Logitech MX Revolution requires at least five to cover all the mouse feet.


The XTracPads Mad Dotz were tested on both cloth and plastic mouse pads. On both surfaces the mouse became much faster as the friction between the mouse feet and both the plastic or cloth pad was greatly diminished. The Mouse was then used for a week to test the continuous performance. With a daily use of around 6 hours the performance noticeably reduced over time. After some time the Mad Dotz actually collected some dust on the edges.

This is due to the slight deformation and curling of the material, as they were peeled off the plastic sheet. If XTracPads could make the application less forceful, the lifetime of the Dotz would greatly be extended. As it stands now, these Mad Dotz may be of limited use for LAN parties or short periods of time. At a price of just under 4 Dollars for 12 of these, the limited lifetime does not hurt that much. I suggest buying the big pack with 36 Mad Dotz right away, as this pack comes at a cheaper price per Mad Dot ratio and you will have enough for a year, even if you go to a lot of LAN parties.
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