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XTracPads Ripper Review

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I would like XTracPads for supplying the review sample

The following quotes taken from the XTracPads website give you an idea about the company's mentality and philosophy:
Started in March of 2002 by a group of hard-core PC gamers, our mousing surfaces and accessories have won countless awards. We offer an expanding variety of surfaces and optical mouse pad sizes. Not only are our products used in computer gaming, they are equally efficient for many other applications such as digital animation, desktop publishing and more. The medical, military, gaming, art, scientific and aerospace industries all benefit from the high quality, speed and accuracy found in all XTracPads optical mouse pads. XTracPads is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thank You:
We thought it was appropriate to have a special page dedicated to everyone that has contributed to the success of our company. Thanks to a higher power for providing inspiration each and every day. To all our customers and loyal fans, XTracPads would not be where we are today without you... "Thank you!" Thank you to our resellers and business partners all over the world. All our friends and affiliates in the review world, thank you for taking your valuable time to give your honest opinions on the products we've sent you for review.
We will take a look at the XTracPads Ripper today.

Closer Examination

The Ripper ships in a clear plastic tube with a red/black paper insert with the name and company logo. The mouse pad itself has been placed in a plastic bag to protect it even further. A plastic tube is the perfect choice for such a mouse pad.

As is the case with all of XTracPads products there is a sticker inside the package as well.

The Ripper pad is much wider than most other pads and XTracPads asks the gamers the following question: "Your monitor is widescreen...why isn't your mouse pad?". This is a valid question, considering that you will certainly move your mouse further when pulling it left and right instead of up and down. If there is actually a noticeable difference between mid or low sensitivity pads and the Ripper remains to be seen. The black color is great. and the XTracPads logo, website address and mouse pad name are located to the bottom right. The Ripper has a rather strong manufacturing smell. It smells just like the XTracPads Pro, so I placed both pads next to each other. My first thought was that both are actually the same pads, just different in size, design and name, but there is a noticeable difference in surface structure.

The bottom of the Ripper consists of some very fine foam. It has a some structure comparable to a tire which keeps the pad secure on any flat surface. This is also the only material similarity to the Pro mouse pad.
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