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XTracPads Ripper XXL Review

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This mat has been tested to comply with most of the modern mice on the market. It works perfectly with my Logitech G5. XTracPads has also tested it to work with the following mice:

  • MX300/500/510/518/700/1000 G5 & G7
  • Intellimouse Explorer 3.0/4.0 Laser Mouse 6000
  • Mighty Mouse
One thing that I don’t understand is why they haven’t tested it with the Razer Copperhead since a lot of people use it. But I guess that if the G5 Laser mouse works fine the Copperhead will too since the technology has the same specifications. As you can see from the specs this mat supports laser mice such as the G5 & G7. I think it is good that it's certified to work with these mice just as with the SteelPad 5L.

The Concept

Well, when was the last time that somebody made a real original mat featuring a completely new interpretation of what a mat is and what function and design it should have? I can’t remember, but I can tell you that that this mat breaks all the boundaries of what a mat should be.
First of all it covers your entire desk, it can be used to game on and it’s quite stylish. This new concept is definitely for the demanding gamer and the end-user who seeks a “finished” look of his desk. The fact that it can be the base of all of your equipment is nice. I find it quite in tune with the rest of my silver/black gaming stuff I have on my desk i.e. mouse, keyboard, joystick, TFT-monitor.

But what about the size? Well for a start it doesn’t seem that big once you get your keyboard and stuff on to it, but you actually decide how big your gaming surface shall be simply by moving your gear around.

It matches pretty well with my Logitech gaming-gear and monitor.
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