XTracPads Ripper XXL Review 3

XTracPads Ripper XXL Review

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Closer examination

This mat is just black with a large logo on the lower right side. The texture on the surface is soft and but it does not give way to pressure. I had my monitor standing halfway on the mat and there are not indents not even after days where the monitor hasn’t been moved. The fact that the cloth doesn’t compress is good because otherwise you would have a ruined mouse mat after some time because of the dents that your equipment would make on it.


Since it’s only about 2mm high there is absolutely no chance of your wrist going numb even after extensive use. The material used is relatively hard, but the cloth on top has a soft feel to it which is nice. I've tried using this mat over an extended period of time and it was indeed very comfortable. The only thing that I didn't like was the resistance between mouse and surface, you have to use a bit more force to move the mouse than what I’m used to.


This mat is made of only two layers from what I can see, one surface layer and one to grip on your desk. The surface has a very fine grain and feels very smooth with some resistance.

On the left you can se the fine grained surface of the top-layer. The right image
show the bottom-layer which should provide the grip so that the mat doesn’t move when playing.

The bottom layer that should grip the desk surface isn't that well enginered, and if you have a desk that's slippery you shouldn't expect this mat to stay in place. I have a wooden desk and the mat moved a bit around so that it wasn't flush with the desk's surface at all times, this is quite annoying.
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