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XTracPads Zoom Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The XTracPads Pro comes with a price tag of $10.99 US Dollars.
  • Good balance between speed and accuracy
  • Should last, if handled with care
  • Incredibly thin
  • Smooth surface
  • Simple but effective packaging
  • Sticker included
  • Very small size restricts use to high sensitivity gamers
  • Does not hold well to table surface
  • Very fragile pad due to construction and thiness
The XTracPads Zoom mouse pad is the opposite of the Pro when it comes to mouse movement. It does not go all out on speed, as there are certainly other pads out there with faster mouse movement. What it does deliver on, is a good balance between speed and accuracy. It is rather small but fairly smooth. While these attributes may be great for first person shooters and other fast paced games, the overall size may not be very advantageous for most gamers. High sensitivity gamers may find the Zoom big enough, the Pro HS may be a better choice as it combines the speedy surface of the Zoom with the Sure Grip bottom of the Pro. Mid and low sensitivity players should get the XTracPads Hammer instead, which features the same thin construction of the Zoom, but a much larger size. Even though this mouse pad is very fragile, it should last quite some time if handled with care - longer than most cloth pads.
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