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Xigmatek packages their new chassis in a full color carboard box. As you can see, our sample was treated badly during the shipping process as the package took quite the hit. Nonetheless, all is fine as you will see later on. In the front you have an image of the massive case, while the backside goes into some detail about the feature set. Both sides hold images of the Elysium as well, along with specifications.

Even though very thin foam spacers are used to hold the chassis in place and the box was kicked around, the Elysium has remained unharmed. Xigmatek has also placed the chassis inside a heavy duty plastic bag to protect it from scratches at the factory.


You will receive a basic set of contents with a few zip ties, a bag of black screws, four casters and an informative manual. I would have liked to see extension cables for the 8-pin PSU adapter or a 3.5 inch bay adapter so that one could install a card reader or small fan controller for example.
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