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The Gigas represents a lot of new aspects for Xigmatek. Not only is it their first chassis which is not of a tower and also the first that utilizes Aluminum as a primary material. Overall, the case features a timeless design, with the sides and front constructed of a single piece of the light metal. This method is simple but really makes the case pop.

The front holds two drive bays, the I/O and a large air vent. In the rear are the full size ATX PSU bay and the expansion slots for the mATX motherboard.

You will find two fairly large air vents on the left side of the Gigas. The top one is intended for the PSU, while the bottom one allows for fresh air to enter the chassis where the graphics card is. There are no openings on the other side.

Taking a closer look at the front, the air vent is shaped like an X, with two 120 mm fans installed behind it. Xigmatek has constructed the interior in such a way, that there are no visible screws in this area. Above that are the two afore mentioned 5.25 inch bays, with the top one using a drop down cover. This will allow you to install any ODD while keeping the look and feel of the chassis. The I/O panel, placed in a separate Aluminum piece consists of one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 and the pair of audio connectors, with the power and reset buttons above these.

Turning the Gigas around, the mainboard rests on the floor of the chassis. The four motherboard expansion slots are protected with individual metal covers. Above that are two additional 120 mm exhaust fans. There are no openings for water cooling, which would actually have been something of interest, as one could install a 240 mm radiator on the outside quite nicely without modding anything.

The only branding you will find on the chassis has been placed on the top panel in form of a small Xigmatek logo and company name. The Gigas has high quality feet, which have been screwed to the underside of the chassis.
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