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A Closer Look - Inside

The top panel is held in place by six fairly large screws. These look a bit out of place and I think the use of a bit more elegant variants would have been wise. Xigmatek has lined the underside of the panel with foam, so that it does not end up vibrating. Most of the drive bays are located in the top half, which means that you will need to remove these to gain access to the mainboard area.

In the rear you will find the first of two hard drive cages. It can hold three 3.5 inch drives and utilizes rubber rings as an anti-vibration measure. You may install a 2.5 inch drive on the underside of this cage. In the front there are the two 5.25 inch drives. You will have to remove both to install drives in them. Below this larger cage is the second HDD variant for an additional three drives. This one may also hold a 2.5 inch drive.

Taking everything apart is actually quite easy. Xigmatek has made sure to employ as few screws as possible. A total of four screws is all that holds these parts in place securely.

Once everything is apart, you may easily install a mATX board. Overall, the Gigas actually features a simple but effective interior layout.

In the front are two 120 fans with 3 pin connectors. Unfortunately enough, there is no dust filter here, so these will suck in all the dirt from the front. The same type of fans can be found in the rear of the chassis, bringing the total to a whooping four. The two in the back push hot air out the back of the chassis.

A PCB holds all the I/O and both the power and reset buttons. All the cables coming from these are of various colors. it would have been a nice touch to see all black and sleeved versions. Xigmatek has kept things standard in terms of connectors as well.
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