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Xigmatek NRP-MC851 850W Review

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The back of the PSU has a mains power plug and a power switch. The unit auto senses the supplied voltage, so a 110V/220V switch is not needed.

On one side we can see more textile design. This sticker is made from plastic but features a high-quality print that looks like leather when viewed through a case window. I have never seen such a design before and it will certainly draw attention of unknowing viewers at a LAN party.

The modular concept is well though out. The important connectors like ATX power, CPU power and two PCI-E VGA connectors are fixed to the PSU, all other connectors are optional. This gives you optimum power delivery in the fixed cables and convenience on the other ones.

The 140mm fan dominates the top of the unit.

The motherboard connector supports both 20 and 24 pin operation. You can clip the two parts together for easy installation in small or crowded cases.

The PCI-Express power connectors can either be used a 6 pin or 8 pin variant.
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