Xigmatek Pantheon 12

Xigmatek Pantheon Review

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The Pantheon ships in a full color cardboard box with an image of the chassis itself on the larger sides. Xigmatek has placed all the detailed information on the sides of the package, as one side illustrates the four variants, while the other goes into greater detail on the unique features of the Pantheon. I do not see any specifications of the chassis anywhere, which means that interested buyers need to take a closer look at the pictures to figure out what the enclosure is capable of.

Xigmatek has secured the chassis with two thick Styrofoam spacers and has placed it in a thick plastic bag as well. Needless to say this chassis is well protected, as it was shipped all the way from Taiwan to Germany.


A small set of cable management utensils is part of the extras, along with a bag of all black screws. This is a basic, but still well-rounded package considering the very affordable price tag of the chassis. Xigmatek has also included a simple, but effective manual along with the case.
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