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Xilence XQ Series 850 W Review

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The box isn't so large and it has a carrying handle to help you move it around. The front real estate has a graph of the PSU along with several badges for Platinum efficiency, five year warranty, direct air-flow technology and semi-fanless operation.

On the rear side, among others, you can find an illustration of the available cables/connectors along with their respective lengths and the power specifications table.

According to Xilence at up to 20% of max rated capacity the PSU operates in fanless mode and there is also an illustration explaining the operation of the Direct Air Technology that this unit employs.


Once we opened the box we found two smaller ones. The first contains the PSU while the other houses all cables along with the rest of the included accessories. Speaking of the bundle this includes some zip ties for cable management tasks, two sets of fixing bolts (one with thumb screws and the other with plain ones), a Velcro strap, a warranty card and the AC power cord.


This PSU utilizes a design which makes it stand out from the crowd. For starters it doesn't use a top mounted fan but instead it has two smaller ones in the area on top of the modular PCB. This area also has a slope in order to direct air of the fans towards the front exhaust grill.
The PSU's brushed finish adds appearance points and the red-colored fans match the total view. Nevertheless we can't say that we were left speechless by the PSU's looks but this is our personal opinion and some users may find its design attractive.
On the front side besides the power switch and the AC receptacle there is also a small red, Power on, LED.
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