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Xilence ships their massive chassis in an even bigger, full color cardboard package. You have an drawn image of the case in the front, while the rear holds an actual photograph along with a focus on specific features of the Interceptor Pro. There are carrying holes on both sides of the chassis, which do really help in getting it from one location to another.

Two massive spacers hold the case in place. These have been applied to the front and rear of the case, instead of the more traditional top and bottom. With a chassis this size, there is simply no way to do it any other way.


You will get an assortment of all black screws, with each bag clearly labeled. A few zip ties, two massive feet, two backplates to use the top compartment for a PSU or cooling and a power supply adapter which allows you to turn on two units with the press of a button. Xilence has ensured that you are able to make the most of this chassis, by including these extras.

A fairly detailed manual is also part of the package, giving first time builders much needed pointers how to fill the Interceptor Pro.
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