Zalman CNPS 9500 LED 24

Zalman CNPS 9500 LED Review

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The cooler supports many sockets, there are mounting accessories provided for 478 / 784 / 939 / 940 and LGA775. I will mount it on a Socket 775 system, because the Prescott core which I will use to test is known for its leaky 90nm process and its high TDP.

Here I have laid out all the provided mounting accessories.

Above are the mounting accessories for 478 and LGA775 platforms, the two black screws are vital for almost all the mounting techniques.

This is the provided thermal grease. Later on in the review I will show you a comparison for the provided grease verse Arctic Silver 5.

One thing I like about Zalman, is that with every Zalman product I have ever owned, it always comes with a case badge sticker. I like collecting these stickers and showing them off on my monitor next to my other stickers like the Pentium 4.
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