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Zalman ZM-M215W 3D Monitor Review

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The monitor ships in a compact package with a blue backdrop. It has an image of the monitor along with a 3D logo. Zalman offers the unit with 3D gaming drivers and without. We received the one with the extra feature. While NVIDIA did have support for the Trimon, Zalman seems to put their money on the fact that future games will come with built-in 3D support, thus they see no reason to pay licencing fees. Instead you can achieve the desired effect with the iZ3D drivers, which are included with our sample as mentioned above.


You get a full set of traditional extras with the ZM-215W. An audio cable, VGA and DVI leads and a power cable along with a driver CD, a 3D sample video DVD and a listing of various 3D sources on the Internet to get you started.

On top of that, Zalman has included a pair of circular polarized glasses, a clip-on variant for those who already wear traditional glasses. All these come in a clear plastic box with a little cloth tissue for cleaning purposes.
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