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Zalman ZM850-HP Plus 850 W Review

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Thankfully for those that suffer from back pains the packaging features a handle. On the face of the box a photo of the PSU takes up most of the space, on the right there is a huge 80PLUS Silver badge and above that, with big fonts, we find a reference to the Dual Pipe Cooling system that cools the PSU, along with the fan. On the other sides of the packaging we find more useful information, e.g. on the rear in the brief description of the PSU features we are informed that the two -double- forward switching design is utilized.


Inside the packaging there are two smaller boxes. The larger one stores the PSU and the other all accessories. The PSU is well protected by bubble wrap. The bundle includes a user's manual, three velcro cable ties, a set of screws for chassis mounting, a 4-pin Molex fan adapter (ZM-MC1, 4-pin Molex to 3-pin 12V/5V) and the modular cables. Because we found the inclusion of the Molex fan adapter and the lack of AC power cord strange, we referred to the description of the accessories in the user's manual: four velcro ties (we miss one), an AC power cord (we miss that too), four fixing bolts and the user's manual (thankfully we got this).


The PSU is very long! Of course the heatpipes cooling system is responsible for this. Before you buy it you should make sure that your chassis supports such a long PSU.
The finish is rough matte and the external workmanship is good. The hardwired cables are sleeved but the sleeving of the 4+4 pin EPS connector does not go all the way into the housing and the cables' exit hole is not equipped with a grommet. The good thing is that the edges of the hole are not rough. Since the EPS wires are not sleeved at this point at least a grommet should be used for their protection.
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