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Packaging and Contents

The Zaward Gyre comes in very colourful packaging. It has a red and brown theme, with a yellow pattern on multiple sides representing an actual Gyre (a swirl or vortex). Zaward’s logo and slogan also appear on the packaging multiple times towards the top of the box. On the front, there is a clear plastic window in which the top of the heatsink (the fan) can be seen, along with “Gyre” in large letters and the yellow pattern. Towards the sides and back of the package are the specifications, features and CPU compatibility/support list of the cooler as well as general innovations which the cooler obtains and some pictures of the cooler and its unique design. The back of the box is identical to the front with the only exception being that the clear plastic window displays the base of the cooler. On the top of the packaging is a simple yet very practical plastic handle, which enhances the portability of the unit.

Included with the Gyre is all necessary equipment, as well as additional tools. The cooler is packaged within a secure plastic shell, held together by standard “pop on/off” clips. The manual is the only item which is placed outside of the plastic shell, sitting under it within the box. In a separate plastic package which is located towards the base of the cooler (within the plastic shell) are the accessories, which includes a plate for Intel Socket 775 based installations and a clip for AMD AM2 based installations. Additional tools provided include an L shaped Phillips head screwdriver (to secure the four screws in) as well as a two way wrench (to tighten the screws once secured). On top of this there is also a small tube of Zaward’s thermal grease, for better heat conductivity.
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