ZOTAC ZBOX AD06 Plus Review

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The Zotac ZBOX AD06 Nano Plus ships in a compact package with a little handle attached to it. The front shows the device, while the rear utilizes additional illustrations to communicate what connectivity the unit offers. While the package may seem fully colored, it is actually only covered in a thin, secondary wrapping. The actual cardboard box is black.


You get quite a lot of extras with the ZBOX AD06, just like with most other units from Zotac. Two batteries, a DVI to VGA adapter, some screws, and a standard wireless antenna make up its smaller accessories. A USB IR receiver and remote control combo is also included. For the ZBOX itself, Zotac adds a plastic stand, various manuals, and a driver DVD. I would have liked to see a flash drive or SDCard instead of the included medium, simply due to the fact that the AD06 lacks an optical drive.

To power the unit, you receive a compact power brick along with the required power cables. This unit is manufactured by Delta and outputs 3.42 A at 19 V.

Last but not least, there is the VESA mounting bracket. It hasn't really changed and still provides the ability to mount the ZBOX on the back of a TV or LCD screen.
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