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Zowie AM Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

The Zowie AM mouse ships in a quite anonymous box.

Bundle wise the AM mouse is very well off. You get both a sticker and a full spare set of mouse feet! As with all Zowie mouse the new AM model is completely driverless. Everything is handled inside the mouse including DPI switching which is done via a button on the back of the mouse.

Closer Examination

Zowie have rather successfully managed to produce a mouse that looks attractive. Gone is the white glossy design of the past and in is a soft touch black surface. The red scroll wheel and logo gives it the right gaming flair and with the soft red light coming from underneath it looks brilliant on the mouse pad. Zowie have chosen not to illuminate the scroll wheel so the mouse only leaks a little light from underneath.

The mouse is quite short and features two side buttons which are easily accessible. The general shape of the mouse is very Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 1.1 (IME 1.1) like, and I do not think that is by chance. The buttons are joined to the upper shell which means there are fewer crevices for dirt to hide out.

Considering that it is a thoroughbred gaming mouse the Zowie AM looks rather anonymous. For people looking for a blinged out mouse this one is definitely not for you.

Zowie's new mouse is good for both right and left handed people since it is symmetrical and has thumb buttons on both sides.

The sensor is placed at the center of the mouse which makes it handle neutrally. Since it relies on an optical sensor the mouse mat will have a great influence on the tracking performance. The mouse feet are well designed and huge, this mouse does not wobble at all not even on hard mats.

Thumbs up to Zowie for going with a normal cable design! The soft plastic cable jacket is much softer than that of the sleeved cables which gives less drag.

DPI change is done on the bottom of the mouse. There is no on-the-fly adjustment for the Zowie mice which perhaps has something to do with them being designed with FPS games in mind.

The scroll wheel is once again the Achilles-heel of the design. It does not feel very precise and it slides back and forth on its axle about 1-2 mm. The tactile feedback is inconsistent which makes it hard to judge and learn how far you need to move it.
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