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Zykon M1 Gamer Mouse Review

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A Closer Look

The Zykon M1 is completely symmetrical, so even a left handed gamer should be able to utilize the mouse without any major problems, only the two side buttons will not be reachable. The scroll wheel is fairly large and there is a Zykon logo on the mouse itself.

The two mouse buttons are fairly wide and feature inward dents, so your fingers should find them quite easily. The mouse wheel acts as the third mouse button. The only other buttons can be found on the left side. This is where left hand gamers may have problems, as these would be on the wrong side. If you do not use these, this mouse should do just fine in such situations.

Comaring the M1 to other mice, it becomes apparent how small the device actually is. The MX Revolution can be called a large mouse by any standards, while the MX518 is a very successful gamer mouse. The M1 should fit most hands of young gamers, but adult players or those with large hands, may find themselves looking for the extra dimension needed for comfortable game play.

The bottom holds four white glide pads. These are located on the outer edge of the M1. They are sufficient for such a light and compact gaming device. The interesting aspect is the scroll wheel, which can be seen from the underside as well. It does not touch the mouse pad, but makes for an interesting look.
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