be quiet! Dark Power Pro 750W 2

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 750W

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A very useful feature of the DarkPower Pro 750W is that it is modular in design. This means that you need to attach only as many cords as you need to connect all your components. This reduces the cable mess in your case a lot. I really like that the ATX power cable does not use a modular connector. You always need this cable, so having it modular would introduce some unwanted losses in voltage quality. These losses are very small, but every little bit helps.

The paintjob on the PSU is a dark brushed metal style with clear lacquer on top of it. When handling it it is easy to get fingerprints on the surface, but these can be wiped away with your hand easily.

There is no switch to select the input voltage between 110V and 220V. Circuitry inside the PSU automatically detects the supply voltage.

Here you can see the brushed look very well. The surface is still completely smooth because of the clear lacquer coating.

This little 24 pin to 20 pin ATX power connector is included. Usually you have an adapter that uses a cable in between, adding some unnecesarry wiring in your case which is ugly and hard to hide. I must say this is a very impressive solution.

Depending on your motherboard you are going to use a 4-pin or 8-pin connector to supply the CPU voltage to the motherboard. The 4-pin cable is attached fixed like the ATX 24 pin cable. If you need the 8-pin connector you plug an extra cable in at the back of the PSU, the 4-pin cable will remain unused then.

The PCI-Express video card power cables have some components in them that stabilize the supply voltage. This is the first time I see this on a PSU, usually you have to buy extra cables to do that. Inside you will usually find a ferrite, a capacitor and maybe a coil. Measuring the benefits of this is extremely hard. Even if there is a visible difference in the supplied voltage to the video card there is almost no way to determine the effect of it, since the videocard has a power regulation circuitry on board which is designed to handle unclean voltages. Still, this is a nice feature that may help your power stability.

These small caps can be used to cover the unused plugs on connected cables. For example if you use only one SATA of a cable. The idea is to prevent short circuits. With the design of the connectors I see no need for additional protection. It would have been more useful if they could be used to cover the unused connectors on the power supply to make it look cleaner.

The fan is made for be Quiet! by Sanyo Denki and is very quiet.
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