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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 1000 W

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In the middle of the packaging's front side, we find a quarter shot of the PSU with the eye-catching and unique fan grill. Right below it, the series description, along with the capacity of the unit, are given. In the top left corner is the Gold efficiency badge along with two labels describing the Silent Wings fan and the modular cabling-design that the PSU utilizes. In the opposite corner, Be Quiet's logo resides, while a handle, to help you carry the package, can be found on top of the box.

On one of the two sides, Be Quiet explains the advantages of 80 Plus Gold efficiency over the plain 80 Plus and provides a list of the awards that their PSUs earned from various German IT sites.

You will find a features description in Spanish and Portuguese on the other side of the box.

On the rear side, we find a scheme of the PSU's available connectors and their cable lengths. There is also a table with the power specifications and another scheme showing the unit's dimensions. A multilingual features description of the PSU is also given in English, French and German.


The contents of the box are neatly arranged into four compartments. The two bigger ones house the PSU and a box which holds all modular cables, while everything else of the bundle is inside the rest of the box. All in all, the contents are well protected by packing foam; they will reach the hands of the future buyer safely.

As you can see, a lot of modular cables hide in this small box. The rest of the rich bundle includes several Velcro straps and some zip ties, two sets of fixing bolts (one with plain screws and one with thumb screws), the user's manual, an AC power cord, the fan connectors, and the overclocking key switch that mounts in an expansion slot of the chassis and toggles the PSU between single +12V rail and multi-rail operation.


The look of the PSU is really nice with the high quality finish playing a key role, along, of course, the uniquely designed fan grill which is the trademark of all Be Quiet PSUs. The Silent Wings fan doesn't pass unnoticed thanks to its special fan blades.

On the front we meet the classic, honeycomb-like exhaust grill, and the useful on/off switch resides right next to the AC receptacle. On the left and right side, we find quality decals while, on the rear, the modular panel resides with numerous sockets and the single main ATX cable which is fully sleeved. The cable exit-hole is completely enveloped by a rubber grommet. The power specifications label is installed on the bottom side of the unit.

Since Be Quiet is committed to making all of their products as silent as possible and the PSU is equipped with rubber edges which absorb vibrations and help reduce output noise.
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