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Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 10 850 W Review

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The P10-850W comes in a similar package as the 550W model we have reviewed recently. On the front we find an angled shot of the PSU and the series description along with the capacity just below it, written in big white fonts. In the top left corner resides the Platinum badge and finally a grey strip on the left features the phrase "high-end", for those that despite the high price still aren't aware of the category that this unit belongs to.

On one of the two sides Be Quiet explains briefly what the 80 PLUS certification is about and gives an example of how much money a Platinum efficiency PSU will save you in electricity bills. On the bottom of this side there is a list of award badges that the unit earned from various German IT sites.

On the back side of the box there is plenty of information for the interested user. For starters there is an illustration describing all cable lengths and the available connectors. Also in another schematic the unit's dimensions are given and next to it there is the power specifications table. Finally you will find a description of the basic features of the PSU in three languages, German, English and French.


Once we opened the top flap we found a large piece of packing foam which offers adequate protection. Under it reside the PSU, the accessory box and the user's manual. As you can see there are four different compartments inside the package so all contents are neatly arranged and well protected.

In this box the huge amount of modular cables is stored. The rest of the bundle includes several Velcro Straps and zip ties, a set of plain screws along with a set of thumb screws for chassis mounting and finally the AC power cord.

The user's manual is common for the Dark Power Pro units with 1200, 1000 and 850W capacities. Can't wait to test the bigger ones, too.

This is the bracket that holds the overclock switch. If your case doesn't have a free PCI to mount it, you can use the provided jumper to convert the PSU to single-rail.

The cables for the fans have a peripheral connector near to the fan header, to mount an extra fan utilizing the appropriate adapter.


The PSU features top workmanship and very high quality overall. The glossy black finish and the nice labels on the sides, with the platinum fonts and outline, are a very good match. On the front the typical honeycomb design exhaust grill is utilized and besides the AC receptacle we find also a small On/Off switch. On the rear side the modular panel with the 15 sockets resides. The single native cable exits the casing through a nicely designed rubber grommet. The power specifications label can be found on the bottom side of the unit while on the opposite side we find the SilentWings fan, protected by the uniquely designed parallel grills which are Be Quiet's trademark.

The PSU is equipped with rubber edges to absorb possible vibrations. This is a nice addition which clearly shows that Be Quiet exploited all tricks to keep output noise as low as possible.
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