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Be Quiet! Pure Power CM L8 730 W Review

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The L8-730W comes in a rather dark package. On the front we find a photo of the unit with the distinctive SilentWings fan dominating the field and right below there is the model description along with the most notable characteristics in two languages, English and German. As usual, on the rear side of the package one can find many interesting details about the PSU, like a description for cable & connectors, power specifications, dimensions etc.


The contents of the box are neatly packaged and the PSU is protected by bubble wrap. The bundle includes a set of fixing bolts for chassis mounting, an AC (EU type) power cord, the modular cables, a user's manual and some zip ties for cable management. Definitely not the richest bundle we have ever seen but not the poorest either. Finally, in modular PSUs we appreciate it very much if there is a cable storage pouch included (which in this case is absent), because usually you won't use all modular cables so you have to store the unused ones somewhere. Unfortunately, in order to reduce cost, companies tend to omit such handy accessories from the bundle.


The unit's exterior has nothing extraordinary to show, except the fan grill of course and the fan itself, but its quality seems better than the price category it belongs to. On the sides of the case the Be Quiet logo is engraved while on the back we find five modular connectors, three for SATA/Peripheral cables and two for PCIe/EPS cables. Only the absolutely necessary cables are hardwired, namely the 20+4 pin ATX and a 4+4 pin EPS one. Both are fully sleeved back into the housing and there is also a grommet around the cable exit hole to protect them from the case edges. The two modular sockets are color coded so you can't confuse them and on top of that there is a descriptive label. The most notable characteristic of the unit is its fan and the unique fan grill design it uses. The fan features specially designed blades that offer optimal airflow along with reduced noise output and around it there is an elastic orange trim which eliminates vibrations.
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