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be quiet! Straightpower 700W Review

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The paintjob on the PSU is a glossy, mirror-finished black which looks very nice.

On the backside you have the power switch and the jack for the power cable. A 110V/220V switch is not needed, the unit uses auto switching.

The reflective paint job does take fingerprints, but they are easy to wipe off with the bare hand.

The ATX power connector is the big 24 pin one. In case you still have a motherboard that uses the 20 pin connector you can clip off the extra 4 pin connector. This is a great solution because on some lower end motherboards there are sometimes issues where you can't plug in the full size 24 pin connectors because of limited space.

The CPU 12V power connector can also be split. New high-end motherboards have the 8-pin workstation power connector to ensure a more stable power delivery to the CPU.

A load of cables are attached to the PSU where you can connect fans to. I find the included 3-pin fan connectors a nice touch, since this reduces the cable clutter. If you don't need this cable just cut it off.

Hmm this fan does look familiar - it's the same like in the OCZ GameXStream 700W.
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