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iStarUSA xAGE-902 Dual HDD Docking Station Review

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The iStarUSA Dual HDD Docking Station comes packaged in a glossy full color retail box with orange being the featured color. The front of the box displays a picture of the unit in the center, the model designation in the top left corner, and a HTL Tech icon in the lower right. HTL Tech stands for Hard Disk Drive Trayless technology, basically meaning the HDD doesn't need to be mounted to anything and can just be plugged straight into the unit. One side of the box has a list of features and package contents, while the other side features pictures of the dock in the two different environments of the home and office, and shows some optional accessories. The back of the package shows more pictures of the dock, plus a simple diagram of installation instructions.


Within the box there is the dock, an eSATA cable, a USB 2.0 cable, power cable and adapter, instruction manual, and a registration/feedback card. It's nice to see that iStarUSA has included all necessary cables that are a good length. The eSATA cable comes in at three and a half feet, and the USB 2.0 cable at five feet. Both leave plenty of room between the computer and the dock if it's needed. The instruction manual is in black and white and has minimal information including features and a couple diagrams instructing on where the cables go and what the buttons do. The registration/feedback pamphlet included, offers free HDD protectors for those who fill out and send in the card. This particular HDD dock features an external power adapter which keeps things like heat away from the dock and most importantly the hard disks. The power adapter has an operating range of 100-240V @ 1.5 amps, uses a standard American two-blade plug and has a green light which indicates if it's getting power.
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